Did you know?

Each of us spend up to 250 litres of water every day. Let’s start in the bathroom to reduce water use and realize water savings! 

Why saving water is important

Although 71% of Earth’s surface is covered by water, only 2.5% of it is fresh and drinkable. Less than one third of this fresh water is available for us. The rest is beyond our reach – it’s frozen in glaciers or polar ice caps, or is deep within the earth. In other words, if 100 litres represent the world's water, about half a tablespoon of it is fresh water available for our use.

The good news is that it is really easy to save water. You don’t have to change your whole lifestyle – just follow our simple tips to reduce the amount of water that you use at home. For example: by saving water indoors and outdoors you can help make the world a better place. In addition, saving water can reduce your personal water bill. 

Let’s start today

From taking shorter showers to turning off the water while brushing your teeth: saving water is easier than you might think. Simple actions add up to a big impact. So get on board and explore our interactive saving tips! 

Saving water is easier than you might think. Just a few adjustments in everyday life will lead to large effects that will improve our planet – and our lives. Get inspired by the following videos! 


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